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Specialized in development, production and marketing of hard- and software for medical technology since 1986.
The company`s products are in daily use in aerospace projects, research institutes and clinics. In more recent years, IB has established a name for itself with the production of high-precision ultrasonic flow measuring instruments in a wide range of applications.

Infant Respiratory Function Testing

Childrens Hospital Basel (Switzerland)

Equine Exercise Physiology

J.Brown (Australia)

Respiratory Function Testing in Space


Swiss technology to meet your highest expectations

Isler Bioengineering AG
Industrie Rothaus
CH 8635 Dürnten
Tel: ++41 (0) 55 220 22 33
Fax: ++41 (0) 55 220 22 35
Our competence:

Pulmonary function testing
Ultrasonic flow measurement
Nitric oxide analysis
Infant and adult application
Highest precision

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